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Geological Culture- Wetland Knowledge

“Shidi” in Chinese is called the “Wetland” in English. The World Wetland Day is on Feb 2 (in order to protect the wetland, more than ten countries signed the Wetland Convention in Ramsar, Iran on Feb 2, 1971 – “Ramsar Convention”). In 1977, the State Administration of Forestry defined the wetland as: in broad sense: refers to any natural or artificial, permanent or temporary everglades, peat lands or water areas with still or flowing salty or fresh water, including those sea areas with less than 6-meter water depth during the low tide. In narrow sense: it refers to the transitional zone between lands and waters. There are various kinds of wetlands, including the coral reef, mudflat, mangrove forest, lake, river, outfall, swamp, reservoir, pool and paddy land etc. The common features are that their surfaces are often covered or filled with water or over the year, and they are the transitional zone between land and water. The Qin Lake wetland is a typical semi-natural agricultural wetland in countryside.