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Food Culture 1- Eight Tasty Food in Qin Lake

Eight Tasty Food in Qin Lake include Qin Lake Bamboo Weir Crab, Qin Lake Freshwater Shrimp, Qin Lake Soft-Shelled Turtle, Qin Lake Whitebait, Qin Lake Shellfish, Qin Lake Four Fishes (the four fishes are divided into four large fishes and four small fishes, the four big fishes include black carp, whitefish, snakehead fish and mandarin fish; while the small four fishes consist of pelteobagrus fulvidraco, Chinese bitterling, pseudorabora parva and pompano), Qin Lake Waterfowl and Qin Lake Aquatic Vegetables.

Qin Lake Double-Jade: Fish Cakes and Shrimp Balls.

Green Food include green shelled organic eggs, wild duck eggs, organic rice and Santai pickles, ginkgo snack series, Taizhou Sanma products (sesame oil, sesame cake and sesame round flat cake), as well as Meilanchun liquor.