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Iris wilsonii

Iris wilsonii, also called iris pseudacorus, is a tall water-tolerant perennial hydrophilous herb. Its florescence starts from May till June; its flower stalk is above its leaf. The flower is yellow and the seed is brown with edges and corners. It can grow in waterside and shallow water, and is dry resistant. The iris wilsonii has sword-like bluish green leaves and bright flower color like birds flying together. It is a water plant with high ornamental value because you can not only enjoy its leaves, but also its flowers. It blooms yellow flowers in spring. On every year’s dragon boat festival, the local villagers would take a bunch of those flowers and hang it in front of their doors. They believe that the flower can exorcise the evils. In Chinese legend, Zhong Kui (a ghost chaser) uses it as a sword to catch the ghost.