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Farming Garden

The farming garden consists of three areas-crops exhibition area, farmer’s house and showroom of ancient farming tools.

The local traditional food from Qin Lake are demonstrated in the crops exhibition area. There are many low marshy fields in the area of Lixiahe region, where it is unsuitable for planting the rice. So the people here plants broadleaf arrowhead and chufa. The farmhouse canteen here could offer tourists some simple dinners, where they can enjoy the special dishes and feel the pleasure of nature.

China is a country with an ancient civilization and also a large agricultural country with a long history. The showroom of ancient farming tools collected variety of ancient farming tools in different sizes, years and functions, such as small manual mill, wind box in fisherman's home, manual spinning reel, manual push-pull rice miller, manual wind box, pedal milling machine, wheelbarrow, double mill and waterwheel, etc.