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Popularization Education Center of Wetland Science

The center covers a 5700 square meters land area with total 50 million RMB investments, which serves as ecological exhibition, popularization education of science and ecological demonstration. It can introduce the wetland knowledge to the pubic through modern acoustic, optical and electronic technologies.

The Popularization Education Center of Wetland Science in Qin Lake has three floors. The first floor is used for introducing the lakes and wetlands in the Yangtze River Valley. It offers the audience a better understanding about the knowledge of wetland, its functions and benefits as well as the changes of wetland etc. There is a 4D cinema in the first floor, which can imitate lightning, fog and other natural phenomenon. Together with the at-site special effects with 3D imagines, it can bring the audiences experience as if they were right at the real scene.

The exhibition hall in the second floor is used to introduce the knowledge about the wetland in Qin Lake, which could further display variety of species in Qin Lake by imitating the ecological scene of Qin Lake. Besides, it can reappear the scenes of Qintong Ancient Town.

The third floor displays the specimens of wetland species in Qin Lake, like fishes and birds. It also demonstrates the 4-season sceneries of Qin Lake through winder blinds. Moreover, there is also a bird watching spot in the third floor equipped with high power telescope, which is the right place for watching the birds and make you close to the birds.