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Qin Lake

Qin Lake is also named Magpie Lake or Pied Magpie Lake because of many Pied Magpies gathering here in the past. The Qin Lake is 1.4 km long from west to east and 1.5 km long from north to south with an area of 2.1 km2, looking like a piece of the jade plate. If you ascend to look around, you could find nine main rivers connecting to the lake areas from all sides, which forms a fantastic landscape of “Nine dragons paying homage to the imperial palace”.

The surface of Qin Lake is wide open with pure and sweet lake water, which is up to National Level 2 Drinking Water Standards, and you could drink the water in the mid-lake directly. Besides, the Qin Lake abounds in aquatic products such as the freshwater shrimps, bamboo weir crabs and shellfish. Those aquatic products are fresh and tasty with enriched nutrition, which are entitled as the “Eight Tasty Products in Qin Lake”. It is also teems with the water chestnut, root of lotus and other green food. Among the aquatic products of Qin Lake, the “Qin Lake Bamboo Weir Crab” is the most famous one to the public for its blue eyes, red pincers’ hair and enriched cream and tender meat.